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The Story of the Garden

We had our first community work day at the garden last night and it was a huge success. Neighbors came out to lend or even just moral support as we prepped the site for the grow season and even got some seeds in the ground. We all jumped into work so enthusiastically that we forgot to take a before photo! It was quite the jungle out there but we tackled it with all the tools we had and the garden looks great as a result.

I think it's important to understand where this garden came from and what we're all trying to do for our community- it's about so much more than just food! This video does a wonderful job of telling the story of why Leland started the garden, what it's goals are, and why so many of us are getting involved.

Our plans for this year are ambitious- we want to literally grow the garden with more raised beds, more plants, and a built in communal gathering space. Keep your eyes on this space for more opportunities to volunteer your time. And always know that donations of any amount make an impact to the pursuit of our mission!

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