We've had a few successful work days so far but as the heat comes to town, the garden will need more love and attention. To facilitate planning ahead, we've scheduled out weekly work days for the next few months. There is an online sign-up sheet where you can add your name to the dates that you can help out.

At least one SCG Committee member will be at each work day. All of these days are 6pm-sunset.

This sheet is editable by anyone who has the link and doesn't require any sign-in.

Please note that there are two tabs to the sheet. One is for signing up for work days. The other is to report on watering. As the weather gets hotter, the garden will need more water- later in the summer, that will be almost daily. This is a great way to help out if you aren't able to make it for one of the official work days but want to contribute! We just ask that you enter in the date you stopped by and your name so we can keep tabs on that.

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