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Help Us Fund the 3rd and Final Phase of Development

Heading into our 5th year of operation at the Swissvale Community Garden, WITH YOUR HELP, we hope to finish our 3rd and final phase of growth at this space. In the spirit of community building we are planning to create a comfortable community space under and near an over arching shade tree so people in the community can further enjoy this space.


Swissvale Community Garden’s mission is to provide opportunities for community engagement through gardening to help nourish community relationships as well as the residents of Swissvale and surrounding neighborhoods with the growth of fresh produce

Garden Profile

Swissvale Community Garden is a community-based initiative that is Managed by Leland Scales and is maintained by numerous community organizations as well as volunteers on a weekly basis. Various flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables are grown each year for the community to enjoy. If there are large amounts of excess fruits and vegetables, they will be donated to one of the local food pantries for them to distribute.

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