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Once again we are starting vegetable seeds for the Swissvale Community Garden and are in need of 2" to 4" pots (like the kind your vegetable plants or garden flowers come in.) In our quest to grow more food for the community and to raise funds for the garden, our committee members will be starting over 300+ plants to be planted at the garden, and sold at the Swissvale Farmer's Market. If you have any of these types of pots on hand that you would be willing to donate to our efforts, please contact Miranda Crostley with your address and she will do a porch pick up whenever is convenient. Square or round is fine, plastic or peat are great. Thank you in advance!

(And many thanks again to those that donated last year! While we still have some on hand, many were used up in our Farmer's Market sales. Those sales helped us to double the number of raised beds last year, and to grow hundreds of pounds of food! Your assistance was much appreciated!!)

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